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S&B Construction takes safety seriously

Meticulous attention to jobsite safety is a must for everyone in the industry today. Soaring premiums for health insurance and workman’s compensation, as well as the threat of litigation expenses, emphasize the importance of having a comprehensive safety program in place. Workers must receive the proper training and information, and be mindful of precarious situations while observing safety policies.

Tools and equipment must be adequately maintained and operated properly to prevent injury to anyone on the site. Safety guidelines are set forth to protect not only construction personnel, but also anyone who may set foot on the jobsite. Every project experiences non-construction personnel on the site at one time or another from the client and his/her staff to passing pedestrians. If a construction company devotes little or no time to safety issues, its projects will eventually suffer from excessive cost overruns and missed schedules. S&B Construction recognizes the importance of jobsite safety, and maintains this focus throughout every project.

In addition to a comprehensive program of written safety guidelines, associates and subcontractors receive safety training at the beginning of each project, followed by frequent and regularly scheduled ‘refresher’ sessions.

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