Conceptual Design

We utilize a unique conceptual design process called a “charrette”, an intense and highly collaborative effort that takes place over a 2 – 3 day period at the ministry site. This process allows design solutions to evolve quickly with direct participation of key ministry leaders, S&B Construction team and real-time adaptations by the architect. During this process, between 75 – 90% of the preliminary design is completed and the vision of the ministry is captured and translated into preliminary site plans, floor plans, seating diagrams, sketches and exterior renderings. This package once finalized by your team will include a preliminary total cost budget for your project; this package becomes your vision casting visuals. For more information regarding our Charrette please call or email, Joe Smith at 317-957-5713 or email

Below you will find examples of finalized charrette deliverables.

Brookhaven Charrette

  • Brookhaven-Church-Charrette-1-1
  • Brookhaven-Church-Charrette-2
  • Brookhaven-Church-Charrette-3
  • Brookhaven-Church-Charrette-4
  • Brookhaven-Church-Charrette-5
  • Brookhaven-Church-Charrette-6

Kingsway Church

  • Church-Builders-Kingsway-Church
  • Church-Builders-Kingsway-Church-2
  • Church-Builders-Kingsway-Church-3
  • Church-Builders-Kingsway-Church-4
  • Church-Builders-Kingsway-Church-5
  • Church-Builders-Kingsway-Church-6
  • Church-Builders-Kingsway-Church-7