Design / Build Project Considerations

Single Point Contact

Whether it’s a remodeling project or a full scale building project, the contractor serves as manager of the entire design and construction team and is the single point contact for the project. This eliminates details becoming lost in a chain of telephone messages, as well as the “finger pointing” that can occur in the traditional hard bid project.

Owner, Contractor, Architect, and Engineer Act As a Team

With all parties assembled as a team from the start of the project, each has input into the design and delivery. Because each comes to the table with experience in different facets of a project, design becomes very efficient. This often provides for work to begin prior to the design completion, making it possible to “fast track” the project. Another distinct advantage of the team approach is that the owner is afforded the opportunity to really know the contractor, as well as the architect and engineer. Thus, the project becomes a relationship, and the construction experience becomes a positive one for the owner.

Owner’s Interests Are Protected

The contractor and its team are working expressly for the owner. By making the owner’s interests priority, his risk in the project is greatly reduced. Reducing the owner’s risk reduces the risk of all team members.

Team Approach Allows Volume Pricing / Cost Savings

The fees are based on the project being streamlined and efficient in design and delivery, and are determined from the beginning. Efficiency allows the combined fees to be lower than traditional hard bid projects because fewer revisions and man-hours are expected from design/build project.

Change Orders Are Significantly Reduced or Eliminated

Frequent high-cost change orders are usually the result of plan revisions and miscalculations during the design process that do not transition well to field construction, as well as the result of a “lowball” hard bid. With all members of the team focusing together on the design, project management and cost control from the start, change orders become less of a possibility.

Scheduling Is More Accurate

With a team in place during design, the contractor adds a valuable contribution to the calculations of a project schedule. Traditionally, the architect assumes a schedule based on typical design, construction methods, materials, geographical locations and municipalities. While it seems a very thorough and accurate method of determining the schedule, it fails to account for field conditions, supplier backlogs and subcontractor concerns. The contractor brings knowledge of these issues to the design table so that a realistic schedule may be projected and modifications to the design made if necessary.

Why S&B Construction as your design / build partner?

We are owners

S&B Construction was originally formed in 1972 as the construction arm of The Skinner & Broadbent Company, a real estate development firm and owner of millions of square feet of property. We approach every project from the owner’s perspective because it occurs naturally and is the heart of our business. It is important to remember that a key element to a successful project is how the contractor administers its business off the construction site. Very few contractors are able to match the efficiency of our accountability measures and project administration. We are sensitive to and quickly anticipate many of your concerns, communicating them with clarity to other team members for streamlined results. Our attention to your bottom line is constantly a focus, because as an owner, S&B has a solid understanding of your objectives.


S&B Construction is comprised of professional mend and women with construction backgrounds in all industries. A typical S&B project team has over 100 years of combined construction experience. During our history, a significant portion of our business has come from design / build projects, many of them before design / build was recognized as advantageous. We have found that this process offers our clients the most cost-effective and pleasant construction experience possible.


S&B has earned a solid reputation as a top regional contractor. We deliver the highest quality construction with the utmost in professional integrity, with schedule and budget conscious standards of performance. This reputation not only brings our customers back to us, but also is instrumental in facilitating the new relationships fostering our growth.


S&B has been assembling project teams through development and construction since 1972. With a design / build project being essentially a development project from the start, we are poised to provide you with a project team and management tailored to your industry and preferences employing a unique array of resources. We maintain close relationships with a variety of architectural and engineering professionals whom we can choose based upon their design experience in a particular industry, and understanding of geographical location and site details. Unlike other contractors, we have 40 years of experience in developing projects. As such, we are proficient in the process, thoroughly familiar and comfortable with public hearings, plan commission and drainage board review, and coordination through city and count officials throughout several states. Unlike other contractors, S&B Construction can quickly tap into these resources during the design of your project to avoid costly delays due to previously unforeseen circumstances.

S&B is a relationship general contractor

Many contractors are only concerned with building the project, collecting their fee and moving on to the next job – focusing on quantity instead of quality. With S&B Construction, a large percentage of our work is secured via referrals from past and current clients. This is demonstrative of the relationships that we form while managing a project. We make every attempt to know our client, the owner, as well as possible. We try to become familiar with not only the details of the industry and future objectives for the business, but the client as a person. By getting to know our clients, our clients get to know us. This greatly enhances project satisfaction and is another advantage of the S&B experience. Many of our clients have become friends during the project, and remained so years later. As an owner, your happiness and satisfaction are paramount to us, and we will perform above and beyond the call of duty to project this. S&B Construction is one of the most respected general contractors in the industry today, because of our performance yesterday.