Development Experience

S&B Construction was originally formed as the construction department of a real estate development firm. Since 1972, our company has worked alongside The Broadbent Company through the development of thousands of acres of land and millions of square feet in property improvements. This experience, combined with that of many of our associates, has proven to be a valuable tool for our construction clients.

SB Retail Fishers Town CommonsThe tax advantages and control elements of ownership continue to attract entrepreneurs to the purchase of property. Many choose to buy property and build for themselves, while others embark upon the construction of income-generating property. In either scenario, it is likely that professional help is needed once the land is secured to ensure the improved commercial property meets all applicable standards set forth by regulatory agencies. The property search and development process can be laborious, as a project may encounter many obstacles – from right-of-way and drainage issues to fierce scrutiny from municipalities and neighboring business and residential owners. Accomplishing this objective in a timely and cost-effective manner is no simple task.

Helping owners to strike a delicate balance between design and compliance prior to construction enables us to provide the maximum value for their project dollars when purchasing land for development and construction.