General Construction

General construction is the method or contract type by which majority of modern construction projects were completed prior to advances in construction management and design / build arrangements. General contractors are known to construct virtually any building type and be widely versed in the management of various construction trades on the project site. Although it is not always the first choice in construction, it is the most familiar and does have its place in the industry.

The most frequent use of the general construction contract is seen in the public sector. Projects that receive funding from public sources are typically taken through design prior to the general contractor having an opportunity to view the plans.

SB Commercial FreseniusThe project is competitively bid to an unlimited number of general contractors and awarded to the general contractor submitting the lowest price, provided the applicable qualifying criteria are met. Architects also recommend general construction as the building method for many privately funded projects; however, bids are received from a limited number of general contractors. Privately funded projects offer more flexibility in project award, as final pricing and fees may often be negotiated.

S&B Construction has performed as a general construction contractor since 1972. With literally hundreds of projects behind us throughout the region, we are capable of providing competitive pricing to our clients in all of our market area. Our network of subcontractors and material suppliers combined with our expertise and service philosophies.