S&B Staff

PositionNameExt. Email
Reba Cooper – Owner / Human Resources Manager710 Reba.Cooper@s-bconstruction.com
William Cooper – President711 William.Cooper@s-bconstruction.com
Chase Cooper – Executive Vice President705 Chase.Cooper@s-bconstruction.com
Brad Tyler – Vice President of Operations720 Brad.Tyler@s-bconstruction.com
Denise L. Soots – Business Development Manager – Commercial Division718 denise.soots@s-bconstruction.com
Tom Hancock – Business Development Manager – Commerical Division722
Mark Wright – Ministry Project Executive717 mark.wright@s-bconstruction.com
Ken Lee – Business Development721 Ken.Lee@s-bconstruction.com
Joe Smith – Vice President of Business Development713 Joe.Smith@s-bconstruction.com
Project Management
Brent Banninga – Project Manager714 Brent.Banninga@s-bconstruction.com
Colin Osborn – Project Manager709 colin.osborn@s-bconstruction.com
Ryan St. John – Project Manager715 ryan.stjohn@s-bconstruction.com
Joni Perkins – Manager – Special Projects Division708 Joni.Perkins@s-bconstruction.com
Alan Moore – Senior Project Manager703 Alan.Moore@s-bconstruction.com
Chaz Druetzler – Estimator704 Chaz.Druetzler@s-bconstruction.com
Abigail Fielder – Construction Accountant712 Abigail.Fielder@s-bconstruction.com
Mary Fancher – Controller706 Mary.Fancher@s-bconstruction.com
Ali Krug – Administrative Assistant ali.krug@s-bconstruction.com
Information Technology
Josh White – IT Manager716 Josh.White@s-bconstruction.com
David Knight – Site Superintendent david.knight@s-bconstruction.com
Larry Geren – Site Superintendent Larry.Geren@s-bconstruction.com
Steve Johnson – Site Superintendent Steve.Johnson@s-bconstruction.com
Steve Straughn – Site Superintendent Steve.Straughn@s-bconstruction.com
Tony Bryant – Site Superintendent Tony.Bryant@s-bconstruction.com
Facility Coordinator
Mike Gettinger – Facilities Coordinator707 mike.gettinger@s-bconstruction.com
Quality Assurance & Quality Control
Chris Posey – QA / QC734
Garrett Domangue – QA / QC733
Project Coordinator
Braden Tyler – Project Coordinator719