Our Process

Building God’s Way has developed a unique approach to the traditional methodology regarding Design/Build and Design/Bid/Build. Our process integrates biblical principles through Stewardship, Relationship and Outreach. Over the last twenty years we have used this process with over 800 ministries nationwide. Many times we are the second, third and sometimes fourth design firm contacted by ministries to help them design and construct a ministry facility they can actually afford and meets the needs of their ministry.

STEP 1: Ministry Consultation

Our first step gives your leadership team a look at our overall process. We meet with your leadership and walk them through our process. Helping your team understand who we are and what we bring to your ministry is key. Your team will decide if our process resonates with your ministry, your vision, mission and culture of your ministry.

STEP 2: Ministry Assessment

During this step we discover direction and needs of your ministry. We meet with staff and key leaders to gain insight that brought you to the point “we need to do something”. Here we look at feasibility both financial and practical. Where are our stress points? Is a building program right for us now? Are we healthy enough to move forward? Do we multi-site, multi-venue? Is a sustainable project viable? How do we breakthrough a growth plateau? Answering these and more questions will lead us to the right answer for your ministry.

STEP 3: Charrette (Conceptual Design)

We utilize a unique conceptual design process called a “charrette”, an intense and highly collaborative effort that takes place over a 2 – 3 day period at the ministry site. This process allows design solutions to evolve quickly with direct participation of key ministry leaders, S&B Construction team and real-time adaptations by the architect. During this process, 75 – 90% of the preliminary design is completed and the vision of the ministry is captured and translated into preliminary site plans, floor plans, seating diagrams, sketches and exterior renderings. This package once finalized by your team will include a preliminary total cost budget for your project; this package becomes your vision casting visuals to present to your church.

STEP 4: Funding / Stewardship Campaign

Building God’s Way does offer a very unique approach to stewardship campaigns. Our campaign is comprised of three parts, Biblical Entrepreneurship, Planned Giving and a six week capital campaign. You are not required to use our Stewardship Campaign.

STEP 5: Construction Documents

We provide a seamless transition from Charrette to Construction Documents. We use the Charrette documents as a platform to build upon. There are three teams involved during this step, Ministry design team, BGW project design team and S&B project team. We will have weekly design team meetings to review and discuss the design as we move forward. S&B project team will closely monitor the project budget keeping the ministry informed of any cost implications, positive or negative. This allows the ministry to control the design and budget to prevent costly overruns at the end of the day.

STEP 6: Construction of your facility

S&B will act as the Construction Manager for your project. We provide daily onsite supervision; we will manage and schedule all sub-contractors working on your project. We conduct weekly onsite meetings with the sub-contractors, site superintendent, project manager and ministry representative. These meetings keep everyone up to date on the progress of your project. We continue to look for cost savings to save your church as much as possible. We give 100% of any savings we garner back to your ministry. We are open book; we will allow your ministry to perform an audit on your project if you choose to do so.

For more information regarding our process or to schedule a Ministry Consultation please call or email Joe Smith, direct line 317-957-5713 or email joe.smith@s-bconstruction.com.