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"We Build Confidence"



S&B did stellar work and contributed to our build out success. -  Carl Nordhielm, CFO, Saddle Up Saloon and Dancehall


S&B was just pleasure to work for.  I had absolute 24/7 availability for them if I needed it.  They were excellent. There was not one time that I can remember in this two year process they did not address every issue we had as a church. ....  Rick Belden, Northview Church

God gave me a vision, and S&B, what they gave me was the assurance that we can bring this vision to fruition.  That is the relationship we developed with them.  We trust them, we are working right alongside with them, and we are moving this project along.   .... Pastor John Davis, Sanders Temple Church


Great company, does excellent work.  .... Nancy O'Dell, Northview Church Member


Great People and Great Company !!   ....Cecil McCord, Owner, Garage Doors of Indianapolis



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